Our vision


A Very Cornish Garden Village

A new garden village with a distinctly Cornish sense of place, deeply rooted in this remarkable post-industrial landscape.

Such a place will incorporate:


  • Dramatic landscape features distinctive to the Clay Country.
  • Traditional street patterns from local villages and other Cornish settlements.
  • Distinctive local materials and colours found across Cornwall.
  • Indigenous planting found in the Clay Country.
  • A focus on local homes for owner-occupiers.

Community building

A new garden village that has the capacity and facilities to build and foster a sustainable and balanced new community.

Such a new community will need a range of facilities for all ages such as;


  • A village centre with all the essential
    facilities for everyday living.
  • A school and nursery at the heart of the village.
  • Healthcare such as a doctor’s surgery and dentist.
  • Food shops, newsagent and other essential shops.
  • Places to work and meet business clients.
  • Places to socialise, play and relax such as public gardens, parks, cafés and pubs.

A place of wilderness, wetland and wonder

A new garden village built within the unique skyline, dramatic and historic landscape, rooted in the industrial ‘Clay Country’ heritage.

A new settlement that will sympathetically incorporate the distinctive landscape features and cultural heritage such as;


  • The iconic Sky Tip.
  • Numerous lakes and cliffs.
  • Several tips and restored dry heathland.
  • The wetland and wet woodland.
  • Extensive paths, cycle trails and bridleways.
  • The hedge banks and rural edges.

A long term vision for
regenerating the Clay Country

A new garden village that will provide an exemplar for post-mining regeneration in the Clay Country.

Such a new settlement will need to;


  • Regenerate and provide long term employment opportunities.
  • Provide an attractive and desirable place to live, with affordable homes for local people.
  • Link into existing communities who can benefit from the new facilities.
  • Create greater public access to the landscape for existing communities.
  • Respect and work with the cultural heritage where possible.
  • Work with and enhance the unique landscape and ecology.
  • Create a new place rooted in the Clay Country area and not ‘alien’.

A place working with
and for our environment

A new garden village that can deliver environmentally friendly development and enhanced biodiversity.

Such a new settlement will incorporate:


  • Energy efficient buildings using locally sourced materials where possible.
  • Passive design principles with south facing homes and gardens.
  • Renewable energy such as solar farms, ground source or water source heating.
  • Sustainable travel with walking, cycling and public transport a priority.
  • Ecological mitigation and enhancement, creation of new habitats and their management going forward.
  • Habitat and wildlife-friendly gardens and green infrastructure.
  • Food growing such as community allotments and orchards.

A ‘Village of Gardens’

A new garden village with an extensive network of gardens and wild spaces throughout that makes it a truly special place with healthy, social and life-enhancing spaces.

The network will incorporate a wide range of green space from:


  • At the small scale, each home with a sunny garden or terrace or a traditional Cornish front garden.
  • Communal gardens and larger neighbourhood gardens where neighbours can meet, socialise and play.
  • Larger recreational green spaces for play, exercise, relaxing and exploring with family, friends and four-legged companions.
  • Places to grow food such as micro veg patches in gardens, community allotments and orchards and possible community market gardening.
  • Extensive green links provide access and views to the dramatic post-industrial landscape and lakes.

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