eco-bos and our partners

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Building new towns from nothing, creating new green infrastructure, new homes and new opportunities for people to live and grow together is no small task. It is made possible through collaboration and teamwork at the highest level.

ECO-BOS is a partnership between two global leaders.

Orascom (ODH) are specialists in sustainable town creation across Europe and the Middle East. Green infrastructure, sustainable architecture, energy and ecology are all carefully considered to deliver places that make the every day effortlessly rewarding.

They partner with Imerys — a mineral extraction specialist with a long history in Cornwall, and in depth knowledge of the landscape at West Carclaze.

We are creating the best place to live in the UK – a healthy, sustainable and inclusive community where everyone can share the best of life in the West Country. Our mission is to enhance lives, with space to grow and flourish, today and far into the future, preserving local charm and character, evolving it in a naturally sustainable way to ensure a long and healthy life for the place and its people.

All of this means, thinking beyond today to tomorrow, to next month, next year and to future generations, applying the latest thinking, technologies and ideas.

It’s vital that new places make active healthy living easy and accessible, and put in place everyday convenience that works for everyone, both young and old. Meaningful connections to the landscape on a reassuringly human scale, ensures physical and mental well-being. Facilitating activities that bring people together creates communities that not only trust and care about each other, but are proud of what they can collectively achieve.

We want people to feel that they belong, that they have a say in their lives, and that their needs and opinions matter. We are creating opportunities for people to live and grow in harmony, and to support themselves and each other, for the benefit of all.