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We’re using clean, green energy as much as possible to power life at West Carclaze Garden Village. Every home is fitted with inset solar panels and clever technology to drive your footprint — and bills — right down.

Our homes are highly energy efficient, using clever design, new technologies and innovative materials to reduce the need for artificial light and heat wherever possible.

Our average home is EPC ’A’ rated — beyond national averages, even for new build properties. They also exceed requirements for air tightness and insulation, with discrete systems in place to maintain high levels of air quality. By capturing and reusing the heat before it can escape, and filtering our dust and germs, your home is kept warmer, cleaner and healthier.

Cornwall has around 1700+ hours of sunshine a year, which is among the highest in the UK. Highly efficient solar panels fitted to your home will generate power even in overcast conditions, and we are installing the latest smart meters to allow you to monitor your usage in real time.

The result is an entirely electric home that costs less to run than the average gas powered home — quite an achievement!

It’s part of living a naturally sustainable lifestyle, and we’re proud to be associated with NHS England’s Healthy New Towns programme.