A Mindful Home: How To Give Your Candle Jars A New Lease Of Life

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Kirsten Harford
24 September 2023

Who doesn't love a scented candle at home? They not only smell amazing but look beautiful on coffee tables, so if you're big a fan of a candle but hate throwing the tin or jar away once it's burned out, let us help! We love to reuse, recycle and repurpose, and most candle holders (jars, tins and ceramic) are so pretty, it's a huge shame to waste them. To save your candle jar from the bin, we've rounded up our top tips on how you can continue getting functional yet aesthetic use from them, long after the wick burnt out.

Let's get clean!

First things first, once your candle has burned out, you’ll need to clean out the wax from the holder to restore it to its former glory. There are a couple of ways you can do this, however the easiest (and most recommended) is to pour hot water into your jar and leave it to stand. The wax will float to the surface, allowing you to thoroughly clean it out with warm soapy water once cool. If left in warm soapy water for 5 minutes or so, this will also help remove any unwanted sticky labels. Alternatively, you can use an extremely cool environment instead of heat by placing the jar in the freezer, popping out the wax when frozen. Please be mindful and careful if you have a delicate, thin glass candle jar you’re trying to clean out, that both extremes of hot and cold may encourage the glass to shatter. It’s best to use warm (not boiling) water when you have a holder of this delicate nature.

Now to repurpose!

Now your candle jar is squeaky clean and ready to use, what do you use it for? For items you want to see easily, use transparent holders, or, if you have a collection of colourful pots, use stickers to label the contents – there are plenty of pretty, sticky labels available to easily pick up in craft shops. Here we share our favourite ideas to use your jars for:

  • Bathroom storage holders – for your toothbrush, cotton wool pads and ear buds – make sure you keep any lids from candles to help keep dust off your contents
  • Dressing table aesthetics – store makeup, brushes, hair accessories (like bobby pins, clips and elastics) for a clean, well-organised dressing table
  • Jewellery storage – for earrings and rings, never lose one half of an earring set again
  • Work desk organisation – candle jars work exceptionally well as pen holders
  • On your bedside table – perfect for reading glasses, lip balms, hand cream, cuticle oil and medication
  • Crafting caddies – keep your pins, rolls of ribbon, sequins, buttons, bows and general bits and bobs safe
  • Flower vases – they make great plant pots for small plants like cacti and succulents, whereas larger, taller candle holders can be used as small vases and allows you to split bouquets throughout multiple rooms
  • Functional home decor – why not pop some dainty string lights inside and create light-up jars for your dining table or kitchen sideboard?
  • Gifts – drop heartfelt notes inside for a friend, family member or partner, tie a hessian or lace ribbon around the jar and gift it to a loved one as a sweet gift
  • Kitchen storage – use them for herbs and seasoning, or any kitchen items worthy of a pretty pot
  • Pet treat holder – keep your furry friend’s favourite treats safely stored away from being sniffed out
  • And last but not least, reuse them for new candles made from leftover wax, create-your-own candle kits, refills, or simply pop a scented tealight in there

That's it!

There you have it, reusing your old candle holders is as easy as that! Enjoy your candle until it’s finished, simply wash it out and repurpose it into whatever you like – there really are no limitations to the endless uses. Happy recycling!