December Stories from Sky Primary

The first of many updates from our pioneering school

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Kirsten Harford
20 December 2022

We thought it would be a great idea to begin this first blog from our school with a recent quote from one of the parents:

“I would just like to thank you all for making my child’s experience so incredible so far, your dedication, hard work and passion is something I wasn’t sure we’d find in a local school and I’m so grateful for it. On top of this the variety of opportunities they have received so far is more than we’d hoped for, we really appreciate all that the team is doing and are very proud to be a Sky family.”

Sustainable crafting

Each half term the children at Sky Primary and Eden Project Nursery have an ‘enquiry of learning’ approach to their skills building and exploration of the world. More recently the focus has been ‘how can we use our senses to explore the different seasons?’

Coming up to the end of term this has involved creating sustainable Christmas decorations for their first festive season at school. Working with Charlestown Primary the children used materials from the school site to make their four footed friends to take home and enjoy for years to come. Sky families have enjoyed their new additions, all made from locally sourced materials.

Heads in books

Using nature to inspire their learning, Sky children spend time exploring the outdoor learning environment every day. Reading is hugely important to success and confidence in life and the school has a passion for books, sharing stories, poems and non-fiction. Every day the children practice their phonics together so that they become fluent and motivated to read.

The school finds every opportunity to create learning beyond the classroom opportunities and here they are finding letter sounds on a treasure hunt, whilst sharing the space with feathered friends, after making them winter feed stations.

Understanding the natural world

Sky school values are part of their everyday experiences and include nurturing, being curious, inspiring, creative, active and connected with our world around us. During these winter months, learning activities have included a wide variety of recognising the seasons and how other creatures cope. The children have created hedgehog hibernation boxes, food stations for the wild birds and enjoyed exploring textures and making recipes in our mud kitchen.

One of the many benefits of being in partnership with Eden Project is regular access to the Biomes – as part of their seasonal learning visits to the Rainforest has helped them understand how creatures and plants adapt to different habitats and climates.

Mulling around the fire

Whatever the weather, and at some point each day, children dress in appropriate outdoor clothing (supplied by the school) and take part in all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Framework.

On this occasion, after finding 2D shapes in the meadow for maths, children prepared some warm mulled apple juice and enjoyed the Stick Man story as part of their reading and writing project.

Festive feasting

Sky children celebrated their first ever Christmas school lunch, with homemade crackers (including fair trade chocolate) and uniquely decorated festive hats. It was a delicious feast with a wonderful family feel.

Sky is working towards plastic free status with Surfers Against Sewage, and the families are supporting this every day with plastic free packed lunches. Every little change can make a difference and it helps children understand about single use plastic, reusable packaging and healthy eating choices.

Everyone is welcome

You are welcome to visit the school including an opportunity to explore the wonderful outdoor environment and meet the staff. Applications are open for starting school in Reception from September 2023, and there are some places in Nursery.

Contact details are:
01726 438609