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We are creating a village that is in complete harmony with the beautiful countryside that surrounds it.

350 acres will be dedicated to a spectacular new country park, managed by a new trust, with a mix of tended areas and more wild areas left to nature, for everyone to enjoy. Homes and pockets of activity sit along a connecting spine that links the lakes and the historic Sky Tip with recreational spaces, village hubs and public gardens.

West Carclaze Garden Village is one of the first new Garden Villages in a generation, enhanced with 21st Century technologies, thinking and ideas, and developed in sympathy and harmony with existing communities and local culture.

The timing is perfect. The nature of work has changed. People want to live cleaner, healthier lifestyles, and have sustainable options available to make choices that help them to minimise their impact on the environment.

And they want to enjoy life closer to nature, and to feel connected to their environment in ways that city life has never been able to provide.