the garden village

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As any gardener will tell you, strong roots promote healthy, vigorous growth. That’s how we’re making West Carclaze Garden Village into something truly special.

The Garden Village concept may have been born a century ago, but it has never been more desirable and relevant than it is today.

West Carclaze Garden Village is one of the first new Garden Villages in a generation, enhanced with 21st Century technologies, thinking and ideas, and developed in harmony with existing communities and local culture.

The world is changing. The nature of work has changed, and people need better balance, living cleaner, healthier lifestyles, with sustainability built in. They want to enjoy life closer to nature, and to feel connected to their environment in ways that city life has never been able to provide — and West Carclaze Garden Village is leading the way.

It starts with meaningful connections to the landscape. Clean air and enriching open spaces.

The unique clay country setting is so beautiful, we committed at the start to work with it, not against it. It would be easy to flatten it and build just another housing estate… but West Carclaze Garden Village is destined to be very different.

Our award-winning masterplan links all the areas along a central spine, moving in and out of the natural features of the landscape to create a village that is rooted in the place. Historic trails and bridleways are being rejuvenated, and connected to the design. Step out of your front door, turn a corner and within minutes you can be out in nature, with beautiful lakes and naturally biodiverse heath to explore at your leisure.

Every home will be at the leading edge of energy efficiency and sustainability, with clever but discrete technology generating power and managing the temperature and air quality, so that you can live healthy, happy lives with a clear conscience.

There will be a wealth of amenities for day to day convenience, centred around a community focussed hub, that brings the village together. A brand new village school, built in partnership with Kernow Learning and the Eden Project, will nurture respect for the environment and healthy living alongside the standard curriculum.

Community allotments and traditional hedgerows and orchards are there for everyone to share, and 350 acres of the 500 acre village will be dedicated to a managed country park, preserving the unique plants and wildlife for the benefit of all.