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Traditional, naturally sustainable methods are still the every day. The results speak for themselves, putting Cornwall centre stage for simple, wholesome flavours, prepared and served properly.

Cornwall is recognised around the world for the quality of its fresh produce, attracting some of the finest chefs in the country. There is a real sense of doing things properly, because… well, why would you do it any other way?

From intimate family run cafes and diners to Michelin starred restaurants; from the local pub to wine bars and bistros; the Cornish love of tradition and craft guarantees quality.

It’s an attitude that is found all over. Long established Cornish companies remain loyal to their roots. The St Austell Brewery for example, employs many local people, use traditional brewing methods and is entirely family owned. With products that are respected all over the world, made with passion and a love of the craft, they are also committed to sustainability, reducing their carbon footprint and sourcing ethical ingredients making them one of the UK greenest breweries.