being green together

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The UK government is committed to making the UK net zero by 2050. It’s something everyone has to take seriously — but we’re proud to say that just by living at West Carclaze Garden Village, you’ll be more than playing your part.

From Day 1, our 7.5MW solar farm has been using the suns power to generate clean energy equivalent to over 1,100 of our homes per year. This goes a significant way to offsetting the impact that creating the village has in the short term.

By 2050, the impact of 1,500 cleverly designed homes in use will be in full force. We estimate that in a little under 30 years, West Carclaze will hit Net Zero. From then on, it’s just keeps getting better!

All the time, those 500,000 trees will be maturing into the greatest legacy of all. By 2050, we’ll be saving around 9,000 tonnes more carbon per year than we’re using. But bigger trees take up more carbon — and by 2122 we will have saved 1.1m tons of carbon!

That’s the same as every household going on a 32,000 mile roadtrip in their diesel car. Every year. For 100 years!

You’ll see the benefits of green living around you every day, in a place where respect for the environment is built in — a pristine environment allows our traditional edible hedgerows, fruit trees, community allotments, and unique biodiverse environment, to thrive.

There are few things more rewarding than growing your own food, getting your hands satisfyingly dirty and put something delicious on the table at any time of year.
It’s a healthy, happy environment, that you’ll really appreciate. The little pockets of green throughout the village are peppered with fruit trees and edible hedgerows. It’s wholesome and enriching to be able to go out and pick something and eat it – and a great bonding experience to share and swap with friends and family the best that seasonal growing has to offer.