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Don’t we wish our children spent less time in front of screens and more time doing the things that make childhood special? West Carclaze Garden Village is a place where kids can be kids.

Rain or shine, give the kids an opportunity to get outside and explore, and they’ll jump at the chance. Playing in the parks. Kayaking in the lakes. Tramping over the heaths, digging in the dirt and splashing in the streams. West Carclaze Garden Village is the place childhood memories are made of.

The city, though convenient for adults, doesn’t give children the space to grow into the best version of themselves — healthy and happy, respectful and community focussed. We live busy lives, but the village is designed to make day to day as effortless as possible. It frees up time for you and your family to do more together and with the wider community. It’s the healthy spirit that makes for a supportive and safe environment to grow up in. They say it takes a village to raise a child — why not choose the best one you can!

We know good schools are a top priority. Together with our partners, we’re creating the UK’s first carbon-zero school, offering a quality education, and much more.

Together with Kernow Learning and the Eden Project, we are proud to be building The Sky Academy and Eden Project Nursery.

Kernow Learning have a proven track record in achieving excellent academic results in the West Country, and our brand new 210 place primary school will provide a top quality education, enriched with outdoor learning that makes full use of the unique setting. This is an ethos close to the hearts of the Eden Project team — encouraging children the chance to learn through nature and play — and who better to drive it than the world’s leading ecological institution.

So, in addition to the standard curriculum, a lot of time will be spent outside, building an appreciation of the natural world, and how to live sustainably within it. We want to instil at a young age a healthy attitude to learning, to the environment, to food and nutrition, to collaboration, equality and happiness, in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment. West Carclaze Garden Village is the perfect setting to achieve it, and we hope become a template for other schools to be inspired by.