work / life balance

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A healthy work / life balance is the key to living happy lives. Whether you run your own business, work from home part of the week, need a proper office or just want a change of scenery now and then, we’ve got it covered.

Trends in work have changed for the better. Employers see the need for people to work away from the office — often actively encouraging it, at least for part of the week — and people are more productive and happier when they have a better work/life balance.

Additionally, more and more people are choosing to leave the daily commute behind altogether and work for themselves, freelancing, consulting or starting creative businesses on their own terms.

In recent years ‘Superfast Cornwall’ has been working to make Cornwall one of the best connected locations in the world. It’s a dream for the self employed looking to make the move to the countryside, with reliable, fast connectivity taking the stress out of working from home.

You can find a cosy corner or dedicate a space to an office in any of our homes, but our three storey townhouses offer something more. The ground floor is flexible; you can enjoy the extra living space, or you can use it as workspace, or open it up for retail, workshop or cafe. This means you may not need to rent space elsewhere, which could keep your overheads low — perfect for giving a fledgeling business the best chance of success.

Around the village there will be flexible workspaces that anyone can book and use. These spaces are perfect for casual use for those occasional meetings or just to get a fresh perspective.

In addition there are multiple community spaces throughout the village that are perfect for things like yoga and pilates. St Austell is only minutes away, and combined with other surrounding towns and villages there are 30,000+ customers on your doorstep.

If you need a more professional work environment, the on-site Carluddon Technology Park has a suite of serviced offices at the ESAM building. Designed to promote collaborative working, with shared facilities and support services, this is a high quality, 21st century working environment.